Muffin Nation is on a mission to inspire people to feel good by reappraising the simple pleasures in life. We are committed to creating experiences that heighten people’s senses and return them to daily life with new-found excitement and enthusiasm.

Everything we do is fuelled by our hunger to live life to the full. We strive to create joyous, rich and fulfilling experiences that can be enjoyed without limits. Whether satisfying an appetite for adventure or feeding the desire to cram more into your day, we’ve got a muffin for that.


Muffin Nation redefines the classic muffin from humdrum to hyper-cool through imaginative flavours and innovative formats. Bursting with real ingredients, full of flavour and topped with creativity, our muffins offer a nutritionally dense snack that is exciting time after time.

We think of our muffins as ‘Honestly Good Muffins.’ Expertly crafted and loaded with goodness. We don’t compromise on flavour, texture or looks, and we make sure to only use real, high-quality and wholesome ingredients. Artificial flavours, sweeteners, preservatives, and refined sugar are out of the question. We are authentic, and so are our muffins.

Crafted to be epic in every sense, our muffins offer a unique twist on a bakery classic and stand head and shoulders above other baked treats. Fully loaded with taste, with ingredients, with nutrition, with creativity, with positivity… our muffins are fully loaded with it all.


Being a health-focused nation of foodies, we make sure to only use real, high-quality and nutritionally dense ingredients.

We reject the use of refined sugar and artificial sweeteners, and instead only use natural sweeteners such as organic coconut sugar, organic agave syrup, and dates. And we also ensure all our muffins are a Source of Protein (12g or more for every 100g), and a Source of Fibre (3g or more for every 100g).

Crammed full of the good stuff, our muffins are substantial, satisfying and fulfilling for mind, body and spirit. Delicious and nutritious. Guiltless indulgence at its core.


We strongly believe a balanced life is a happy life. Truth be told, this is a matter of justice with oneself. To be just is to grant everything that we value in our lives what it deserves. From our romantic partners, friends and family, and professional careers, to our health and food enjoyment.

That’s why at Muffin Nation we strive to find the optimal balance between our needs for emotional sustenance and physical nourishment by producing delicious while at the same time nutrient-dense muffins.

We believe delicious can be nutritious. We call it smart, guiltless indulgence. Make good decisions and feel good about yourself.


Muffin Nation is a community-focused brand with a sense of diversity at its heart.

Our brand celebrates people coming together with a positive and optimistic vibe. We advocate authenticity, self-love and self-acceptance, and champion individuals who live life to the full and inspire others in their community to follow suit.

We welcome people all around the world to join our tribe and share our passion for all things muffins. We encourage Muffin Lovers to share their muffin experiences by adding #muffinlovers and #muffinnationuk to their digital captures.

Please follow us @muffinnationuk to be a part of our tribe and stay connected.